What should I do if my phone is not ringing for an incoming call?

Try the following troubleshooting tips:

Ensure that your phone is on and that there is sufficient signal strength.
1.Signal strength is indicated by the signal indicators at the left side of the phone's display. These indicators move up as the strength of the signal increases and down as the signal decreases.
2.To increase your phone s signal strength, try moving your phone slightly, or move towards a window if you are calling from inside a building. 

If the phone s profile is set to Silent, Flight, Offline, or any other profile where ringing is silenced, it will not ring. Change the profile to General or Normal as instructed in the user guide. Check also the settings of your active profile, especially Ringing tone, Ringing type and Ringing volume. You may also try another Ringing tone, for example built-in tune, to rule out possible corruption of a transferred ringing tone.

Make sure that call divert is not activated.
Check if the headset is attached to your phone. For some phone models, the ring does not come through the speaker, only through the headset.

Make sure your device is running the latest software. For downloads and assistance, go to your local mobile phone website s support page.

If the problem persists, contact your local Carlcare Service Center for inspection.

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