Why is my mobile device always low on power?

If your mobile device appears to have problems retaining power, check the following:

1.Check that you use an original battery and charger compatible with your mobile device model. For the originality, visit the official website s support page and search for Battery Check. For the compatibility, check your device user guide.

2.If you have another battery or charger of the same type, try substituting them to determine if the issue is with the mobile device, the battery, or the charger.

3.Make sure your device is running the latest software.

4.Some applications and features, such as Bluetooth and WLAN(WiFi), drain the battery. To conserve power, disable Bluetooth, WLAN and applications when they are not in use.
All batteries including high-quality batteries like TECNO s will eventually lose power retention capacity. If it is time to replace your battery with a new one, be sure to purchase an original TECNO battery from an authorized TECNO dealer.

For futher assistance, contact your local Carlcare Service Center.

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