Why are my calls dropped?

Dropped calls or low sound quality during calls can result from low signal strength or momentary gaps in network coverage, either at your end or the other end of the connection.
Check the following:

1.Check the signal strength that is indicated by the signal indicators at the left side of the mobile phone s display. These indicators move up as the strength of the signal increases and down as the signal decreases. If there is no network coverage at all, check if you have set your device to use 3G (UMTS) instead of the dual mode.

2.To increase your mobile phone s signal strength, try moving your mobile phone slightly, or move towards a window if you are calling from inside a building.

3.If you continuously experience low signal strength in a certain area, it may be that network coverage is insufficient there. Your operator or service provider can provide you with more information on network coverage.

4.If you believe that the problem may be with your mobile phone instead of the network, contact your local Carlcare Service Center for inspection.

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