Carlcare App Surpasses 50 Million Active Monthly Users

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Abraham Miller
Did you know that more than 50 million people use the Carlcare app every month? That's like having 50 million friends from all around the world who are enjoying the cool stuff the Carlcare app has to offer!
So, what's so great about this app? Well, it's like a super helper for folks who have Android phones like Infinix, TECNO, Itel, and Syinix Television. If you have one of these phones, guess what? The Carlcare app is already on your phone, like a secret friend waiting to help you out.
Now, let's talk about the cool things it can do. First, it gives you the latest news and updates, just like a news reporter in your pocket. Then, if your phone ever has a problem, it can help you fix it – kind of like a superhero for your phone. If your phone is under warranty, it can help you claim it. And if you accidentally break a part of your phone, it can even help you get a new one. Imagine that!
So, next time you're playing around with your phone, take a peek in the menu. You might just find the Carlcare app waiting there to offer you some awesome services. It's like having a helpful friend right in your pocket!

Discover the World of Carlcare Services

Carlcare Services is the official go-to place for all things after-sales for TECNO, Itel, Infinix, Syinix, and Oraimo devices. We're your trusted partner for repairs, maintenance, and genuine replacement parts. With more than 5500 plus repair centers globally, finding help has never been easier – just use our app to locate the nearest one to you.
Join the ranks of over 50 million active users worldwide who rely on our professional services, stay updated with the latest news, and have a blast with our exciting app events while winning fantastic prizes.

Here's What the Carlcare App Can Do for You

The Carlcare app is your one-stop shop for comprehensive after-sales service, making it easier to understand and manage your device.
  1. Phone Repair Reservation
    • Open the app and tap on "Carlcare online services."
    • Follow the prompts to reserve a repair appointment at a service center near you.
  2. Service Centre Checker
    • Locate the nearest service center for phone purchases or accessory shopping.
    • Make sure your device's Location Services are on for precise results.
  3. Check Warranty
    • Find out if your device is still under warranty and even obtain a digital warranty card if you're eligible.
  4. Service Mall
    • Explore Carlcare Service Plus for added value services, including phone accessories, repairs, and more.
    • Availability may vary by location; ensure your Location Services are enabled.
  5. Mobile Recharge
    • Easily recharge airtime, data, and more, depending on your country of residence.
  6. Online Chat
    • Get quick and professional help from experts by starting a chat within the app.
  7. Check Phone Repair Status
    • Track the progress of your device repair by entering your order ID or scanning your receipt's barcode.
  8. Phone Repair Price
    • Check the cost of phone repairs in advance, helping you make informed decisions.
  9. How-to Tips
    • Explore valuable tips and maintenance advice for your Android device in the app's Discover section.
  10. Protection
    • Discover protection packages available in your location, such as Broken Screen-free replacement or Extended Warranty Service.
  11. Latest Giveaways and Promotions
    • Stay informed about exciting events, participate in contests, and seize opportunities to win fabulous prizes through the app.
Join the thriving community of 50 million monthly active users on the Carlcare app today and unlock the door to a world of convenience and rewards. Don't miss out on the chance to win exciting prizes for yourself!