Limited-Time Offer: Make Online Reservation to Enjoy 10% off Out-Of-Warranty Repair

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Are you looking for where to repair your faulty phone for a lesser price? Here’s your chance to get a 10% discount on mobile repair services not covered by warranty at Carlcare!

To remind you, TECNO, Infinix, and itel provide a limited-time warranty (usually 12 or 13 months) on their smartphones, allowing users to enjoy free repair services from the official service provider, Carlcare. Nevertheless, the warranty service doesn’t cover accidental casualties, such as screen damage, water damages, and many more. That means you have to pay for such a repair service if it ever happens to your smartphone.

 carlcare 10% off out-of-warranty phone repair service

However, For the users in the following countries, if you make an Online Repair Reservation service with us and also visit our service center between now and August 20th, 2021,you'll enjoy a 10% discount on out-of-warranty phone repair services at Carlcare centres near you.

Note: This even is only eligible for users in Kenya, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Algeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, Guinea, Rwanda,DR. Congo, Republic of Congo, Cameroon,Chad, Gabon,Liberia, Sierra Leone, Togo, Burkina Faso, Niger, Benin, Tunisia, Iraq,Malawi, Zimbabwe,Angola



As the official customer service provider for TECNO, Infinix, and itel phone users globally, we're always striving to improve our services and make them attainable for our customers. With the 10% discount on out-of-warranty repair services for TECNO, Infinix, and itel devices, repairing your damaged smartphone is significantly cheaper.

Getting it straight out of the way, this is a Limited-time offer, so grab it as soon as you can! Here’s more about the uncommon offer:

How to enjoy a 10% discount on out-of-warranty repair services

If you grab the ongoing limited-time offer for your TECNO, Infinix or itel phone, you will receive a 10% discount on artificial damage repair services at Carlcare.

Note: You must firstly make an online reservation online on our website or via carlcare app and then visit the carlcare service center between now and August 20th, 2021 to enjoy this offer. 

Step 1: Make an online reservation service from our website or via the Carlcare mobile app. Here's how:

  • Visit the online reservation page.
  • Choose your device model.
  • Describe your phone’s fault in detail
  • Select your preferred service center
  • Choose a reservation date and time
  • Input your personal information
  • Submit the order to get the 10% discount!

Step 2: Visit the designated Carlcare service center to complete the order from July 19th – August 20th, 2021.

Once again, this offer is only available to all TECNO, Infinix, and itel devices who grab this offer between from July 19th 2021 – August 20th, 2021. Meanwhile, ensure you fulfil the reservation order during the designated period to avoid forfeiting the excellent offer.

What's the out-of-warranty phone repair service 

Before letting the cat out of the bag, it makes more sense to know what the "out-of-warranty" repair service means. There you go:

As always, all TECNO, Infinix, and itel smartphones come with a limited 1-year (or 13-months) warranty, allowing you to enjoy free repair services for non-artificial damages at Carlcare. The warranty covers all sorts of non-artificial damages your phone may encounter during the period. However, since the free repair service doesn't cover accidental faults (which is more common with many smartphone users), you'll have to pay for them. Accidental damages like dropping your phone onto a hard brick or into a pool of water are not new, and they're mostly a pain in the ass. It's even more painful when the broken part is expensive.  

Additionally, if your phone is out of warranty,  you will also be charged for phone repair services from our service center. You can check the warranty for Infinix, TECNO and itel here to know the warranty status. 

About Carlcare 

For the unknown, Carlcare is the official after-sales service provider for TECNO, Infinix, and itel phone users worldwide. From our inception in 2013, we've built a reputable image for ourselves in the mobile repair industry, offering our customers high-end repair and customer services with no hassle.

Our well-trained and certified technicians have in-depth knowledge on all TECNO, Infinix and itel devices. And as the official service provider, you get genuine spare parts to ensure your broken phone retains its factory condition. From shattered screens to damaged motherboards, software anomalies, and all sorts of damages, Carlcare service is your best bet for fast and reliable mobile repair services.