Make Online Repair Reservation to Save Wait Time

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Do you need to fix your smartphone issue urgently, but are put off by the idea of a hectic Repair process? Carlcare has a proposition for you to let you reserve online for mobile repair service! 

Carlcare provide you with “24-Hours Online Reservation” option – a means by which you may enjoy priority service when you need to visit our Centre for phone repair, regardless of whether the problem is minute or a big deal; You get your battery, camera or screen for Infinix, TECNO, itel or other phone brands replaced with ease.

How to Make Online Reservation for Phone Repair

Note: At the moment, the online reservation service is only available for the following countries including Nigeria, Kenya, India,Ghana and Egypt. But we will keep it updated when more options are offered. 


When you book a phone repair, you will be firstly served without waiting so long after visting Carlcare service center.  It will also help improve the repair process. 

This online mobile repair reservation service was designed with you in mind. We’re able to enhance customer experience at our service centres across the globe as well as reaching out to more users of our Supported Brands. This Service is one of many features available on our Mobile App, #Carlcare.

Taking action to make a reservation implies that you need an appointment to visit a Carlcare Service Centre for a Phone Repair.

You will be required to produce this screenshot at the Carlcare service center near you as Confirmation of your reservation.


  • It’s best to Visit the service center as schedules on the specified reservation date & time; a deviation from this arrangement may lead to the dismissal Order. Also endeavor to go along with a Valid ID Card & the phone’s receipt or pack; especially if your Phone’s IMEI Number is not accessible or visibly inscribed on the mobile.
  • Another measure you can take is to Save all the Information [documents, music, contacts, videos, etc] you have on the device, to another device – in case the phone’s system needs an upgrade or system checks need to be done.  
  • You will also be required to remove the Security Lock [password or pin] you’re your phone, for access to test your phone after the repair is completed.

 Benefits of online mobile repair reservation

  • Energy Reserved.

There’s no waiting in line with this Service. You avoid the stress of long Queues, associated with the rush of unplanned visits.

  • Cost Saving.

With a Reservation, repeated visits are curbed. You’re only required to Drop your phone & then Pick up after Repair – nothing extra is spent on transportation.

  • Time-Saving. 

Phone issues are resolved even before you visit the Centre! The repair process is cut back significantly, as contact is made with customers as soon as a reservation is registered and you spend less time at the service center. 

Why choose Carlcare service

Carlcare is the only official after-sales service brand for Infinix, TECNO,itel phones and also serve other brands covering mobile phones, TVs, computers, home appliances,etc. 

  • Original spare accessories

We use only accessories purchased directly from the phone manufacturers.

  • Professional workforce

Repairs and replacements are handled by trained technical experts & quality control personnel, who are keen on all the details of assembling the phone back to its original state.  

  • Thorough check

At our service center, we run a total system check on devices – aside from registered complaints. Our technicians resolve all problems & work to leave phones in the best conditions possible.

  • Warranty on repair

You get a temporary warranty on devices fixed at Carlcare. You aren’t left all by yourself after Repair. 

 If the same problem re-occurs within a specified timeframe, you can take your Smartphone back to the Centre & expect a solution.

With Carlcare you have an edge, unlike with other external options.

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