How to Fix a Bleeding Phone Screen

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Waking up to indications of an inked screen or noticing slight bleeds when your phone falls gives a bad feeling. You would wish the inks away and feel like drawing back the hands of time to when it was okay. Who wouldn't wish anyway? You can, however, read through the article below to learn how to fix a bleeding phone screen.

How to Fix a Bleeding Phone Screen - Carlcare

What Causes a Phone Screen to Bleed?

Screen bleeding usually occurs when a phone falls on a hard surface and rarely emerges out of the blue. The amount of bleed on screens also varies depending on the extent of damage incurred or how much the LCD screen was affected.

If your phone falls and results in minor cracks on the screen, you can fix it and forgo the thoughts of potential extra damage. Strange colors can, however, appear on the screen edges days later and gradually spread across the surface.

While accidental falls are the most common cause of screen bleeds, inks on phone displays can also indicate the need for replacement. The liquid crystals in the LCD - phone bleeding - can leak out if repeatedly overheated or used at a temperature above the standard. Random flaws like water damage and manufacturing defects are rare cases that can cause a screen to bleed.

Does Screen Bleeding Go Away?

When your screen bleeds, there is no way to make it go away because it does not. If you also detect a phone screen bleeding, realize that it is permanent, and you may need to up your budget the moment it begins to spread.

While you might be lucky that the defects occur in the part of the screen that is non-noticeable, you can manage it until you want to change your phone if it does not interfere with the display. And if you feel unsatisfied with your phone's appearance, there is little you can do other than replace the affected screen.

How do I stop My Phone Screen From Spreading Ink?

You cannot stop your phone screen from spreading inks. Inks on the screen often indicate liquid crystals from the phone's LCD that have leaked out due to damage.

Just as natural as liquids can be, they can spread from a tiny point to the entire screen. So, if you have an inked screen, you can only turn off or continue to use your device and prepare for a replacement.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Bleeding Phone Screen?

There is no specific amount for repairing a phone screen, although the repair is often expensive and could cost up to half your device's price. Phones are also of different models, and the bills for each type differ.

If you are finding how to fix a bleeding phone screen and your device features an OLED screen, you may need to increase your budget as they are often more expensive than the models with LED. Your repair locations can also determine the cost of screen repairs, including the repairers patronized.

What Can I Do To Fix a Bleeding Phone Screen?

An inked screen can leave you despaired in such a way that you have no idea what to do, especially if the damage happens unexpectedly. However, you cannot put the device aside indefinitely. And you will also need a well-thought-out process to effect repairs.

If you are unsure how to fix a bleeding phone screen, here are the steps you can follow.

Do not Attempt Self-Repair

Attempting to self-repair a bleeding screen can make your device vulnerable to further damage. Unless you are an expert, removing and replacing a bleeding screen is not always as simple as it appears. Screen repairs involve ejecting the touch screen, motherboard, and other hardware that could get damaged if mishandled. However, restricting the urge to continue with the self-repair will help you kick-start your screen repair journey effortlessly.

Read Online Reviews to Get a Cost Estimate.

If you have a damaged screen, you can read online reviews with your phone or that of a friend to get a cost estimate and prepare for repairs. Analyzing screen repair reviews can help you decide on buying a new screen at a specified cost or trading in your old device to raise funds for the repair. You will also be on the safe side of getting quality screen replacement at an affordable cost after your quest for how to fix a bleeding phone screen.

Consult a Phone Technician.

Employing the services of phone technicians is also one of the ways to go if you do not know how to fix a bleeding phone screen. Technicians specialized in screen repairs can help you restore your phone to its normal state. You can also visit your phone’s official after-sales center to enjoy customer perks and cost-effective repair services.

If you use a TECNO, Infinix, or itel device, you can visit the Carlcare service store nearby to repair your damaged screen without hassles. Our professional phone technicians are ever-ready to walk you through every process involved with how to fix a bleeding phone screen.