Why Is My Phone Charging So Slow and Dying Fast?

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The moment you get to the point of asking, “Why is my phone charging so slow and dying fast?” You can tell the situation has become unbearable. Having a phone charging at a slow rate can be so frustrating that you begin to consider dire measures for fixes. However, the solutions are never far-fetched, and we have outlined the safe remedies below.

Why Is My Phone Charging So Slow and Dying Fast?

How Do I Fix My Phone From Slow Charging?

Slow charging can be frustrating, especially when you don't have power banks or constant power sources. If you are away from home, the delays can reduce your workflow or cause extreme holdups that put you behind schedule.

You can, however, figure your way out of the situation with these tips.

1. Change Your Worn-Out Cables.

Phone cables go through a lot of stress and bends during charge cycles. You can change them for a new one as the wear and tear undergone may have reduced the quality of the charge. Over time, they can become so obsolete that your battery derives little to nothing from the charge cycles.

2. Check and Clean the Charging Port.

Charging port harbors blockades such that it reduces the charging rate and increases the time of plug-ins. Remove your cable and blow compressed air into the port if you notice your Android phone charging slowly. Whether there are dirt or dust specks, this will fix the slow charging problem.

3. Buy a Fast Charger.

If you recently swap your power adapter or cable, the new charging pair may not suit your phone’s standard. It could be at a lesser rate. On the other hand, buying a high-capacity charger can help resolve your slow charging issues. And if you use a wireless charger, replacing it with the high-standard type will come in handy.

4. Stop Phone Usage.

Leaving your phone to charge without using it for tasks fixes delayed charging. Running apps, phone calls, and screen-on time could cause your device to consume power input. Once stopped, you can get a fix to the slow charging.

5. Examine Your Device and Visit a Phone Technician.

If you try the above and can not fix slow charges or a complex case that bothers you, such as, ”Why is my phone charging so slow and dying fast,” monitor your device and make other comparisons for further causes. These checks can include a quick test on your wall socket, direct power source, and others.

While you’ve made efforts and a fast charge doesn’t come up, you can visit a phone technician for more insights. Fixing the slow charge problem may require repairs, including a factory reset, a breakdown of your phone’s motherboard, and other hardware.

Why Is My Phone Battery Draining Fast While Charging?

There could be several reasons why your phone battery is draining fast while charging. The problem could result from the hardware or software ends. Or both combined. It could also be neither, as the fault depends on what you put in place. However, here are some reasons why you can experience battery drains.

1. Weak Battery.

If you haven’t changed your battery for years after buying, you might begin to experience drains without prior symptoms. Weak batteries deplete over time and rarely accommodate charging but oppose it. In this case, your phone detects the cable and indicates charging, but the power stalls to the battery.

2. Bad Charger.

Faulty chargers are on the loose when used for charging phones. Rather than transmit power from the wall socket, they withdraw from your phone's battery, at times, faster than average. Your phone battery bears the whole brunt, and all you may see on the screen is the charging icon, which amounts to nothing.

3. Loose Charging Port.

You can manage a bent charger at the ends, but a loose charging port contributes nothing to charging than a few pints of current. If you use your device at a rate higher than the input, battery draining becomes more prevalent or doesn’t charge. In situations of bent ports, the current may not flow in.

4. Damaged Wall Socket.

Damaged wall sockets can be responsible for slow charging on phones. You may assume your device is charging when the socket light indicator is on. But it is not just about that. A faulty cable from the walls could have reduced the voltage of your USB ports to the barest minimum.

5. Overheating.

When your phone is in a hot temperature, the charging hours can become prolonged with an equivalent decrease in the battery life. You can also experience slow charging when playing games or running tasks to an instance where the phone overheats.

How Can I Speed Up My Charging?

Top smartphone models, including TECNO and Infinix, come with fast charging, citing the need in today’s world. Although this feature is not available on all devices, you can speed up your phone charging by:

1. Stop All Active Apps.

System and non-system background apps consume a phone's battery and reduce the current inflow. If you are a phone addict with more screen time hours, you can have a hard time with slow charging.

When you want to charge, quit and exit your active apps to improve charge. You can also prevent frequently used apps from running in the background to reduce the load rate. Here's how.

  • Tap the Recent menu button to display all running apps.
  • Press the bin icon to clear all active apps.
  • Re-open the menu to recheck if there aren't running apps.

2. Reduce Screen Brightness.

Aside from quitting heavy gaming, reducing screen brightness when charging your phone can speed up the charge. High screen brightness uses more power and, in turn, limits charging speeds in a way that could make you wonder, “Why is my phone charging so slow and dying fast.”

You can reduce your phone's brightness to the minimum level, which will not make it hard to see the screen content. Turning off the auto-brightness feature is also effective for an improved charging rate.

3. Use Your Original Charger or a Fast Charger.

Using non-recommended chargers for your device can cause electric shocks. Besides, it is a setback that could make charging quickly almost impossible.

If you want to speed up your charging, replace your charger (if it’s non-recommended) for the original or get new cables with higher volts. Doing this works for phones and supports fast charging.

An easier way to spot a fast charger is to check its specifications for volts and others. You can also experiment with wireless charging if supported to compare the charging rate.

4. Turn off Data and Switch on Airplane Mode.

You might feel an active data connection does not affect charging, but it does for the speed. Turning off your phone’s data improves the charging rate by conserving more battery.

Airplane mode is also an applicable technique to cut off all cellular networks. If you don't have essential calls or meetings - switching your phone to this mode will help it charge faster.

5. Turn off Your Device.

We tend to assimilate better in a resting state, and it's how phone charging works. Although it is proper to have your device on, turning it off can prevent it from charging slowly.

The phone takes full advantage of the charger’s volts, and your battery becomes less pressured while powered off. Also, all the phone battery does is accumulate the current-voltage input without expanding out power.


If you have tried the above how-tos and couldn’t get a satisfactory solution to your quest of “Why is my phone charging so slow and dying fast?” you can visit a professional repairer for further guidance. Have similar issues on your TECNO, Infinix, or itel device? Visit our Carlcare stores to meet our phone technicians, who can help fix the glitch.