Why Spotify keeps stopping? Here are 8 quick fixes

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With over 300 million users across the globe, Spotify needs no introduction to most people. With such great popularity, facing an issue that makes Spotify keep stopping frequently is frustrating. This may surface when you receive a notification saying that Spotify has stopped responding, followed by the app crashing and returning to the home screen of your device. Or else, the app may freeze and Spotify stops playing randomly or returns to the main menu without any notification. You may also notice that sometimes Spotify stops playing when the screen is off. If you are facing any of these issues, look no further…try out the following tips to get the app function smoothly on your device, be it Android or iPhone.

 why Spotify keeps stopping and how to fix

1. Restart your phone

When Spotify randomly stops on your device frequently, try switching your phone off and then restarting it. To do this, long-press the ‘Power’ button of your phone. Then choose among the options of either switching off or restarting. One reason this may work is that sometimes there are too many processes running in the background along with numerous apps that we keep switching between during the day.

Restarting your phone will clear all this, thereby freeing up memory that might have been clogged. This should make your device function smoothly along with Spotify.

2. Disable then enable the internet connection on your device

Another common reason that could cause Spotify to keep stopping when in use, is an unstable internet connection. Being a music streaming app, it requires stable network connectivity to stream music without a lag. However, if you are facing connectivity issues, it can cause a bug resulting in Spotify stops playing randomly.

In such a case, turn off the internet connection on your phone, and then reconnect in order to refresh the network. Another trick would be to turn off the data connectivity on your device while you’re inside the app. Then, use Spotify in the ‘offline mode for 30 seconds before you turn on the data connection on your device.

 3. Clear cache

Do you wonder why does Spotify keeps stopping in the middle of a track? One possible reason could be an overloaded cache on your device. Wondering how does cache build up so frequently despite clearing it regularly? That is because all data related to the music you play, which includes lyrics, album information, songs interrupted halfway in the download process, etc. accumulate here. This obviously eats up your phone storage, reducing the app speed and sometimes causing it to crash.

Thus, clearing your cache helps free up space on your phone allowing the app to function smoothly. You need to long-press the app icon, select App Info and then the ‘Clear Cache’ option.

4. Log-out and re-login

Most smartphones nowadays have a battery and memory optimization features running in the background, which cause problems when apps are running for long periods of time.

Thus, the easiest hack you want to try if Spotify keeps stopping is logging out from the app first. This may mean force stopping the app from running in the background altogether. To do this, go to the ‘Recent Apps’ section of your device, and click ‘Close All’ or else, close only Spotify from the selection. After doing this, open the app and try logging in again.

5. Try a different login method

Many users use their social media accounts to log in to Spotify. Sometimes these platforms change their privacy policies, thus causing a problem when logging into third-party apps like Spotify. A quick fix to this would be to log in via a different social media platform or email account.

To do this, first, you need to login to Spotify using the original account. Next, head over to ‘Profile Settings’. Enter the new account you will be using in the ‘Account Settings’ section. Once created, you can use this account to login to Spotify.

6. Check the app version

Listening to your favorite song, and all of a sudden a deafening silence…then you go, ‘Why does my Spotify keep stopping!’ One reason could possibly be because you may be using an older version of the app that is not supported on your device.

In this case, ensure that the version of the app on your device is updated. You can do this by going to the App Store or Google Play Store, select Spotify, and click on ‘Update’. It is always recommended to update an app as it removes any bugs and issues that were present in the previous versions.

7. Uninstall, then re-install

If Spotify randomly stops playing on your device, it would be a good step to uninstall the app altogether. To make sure you do not lose your data, first log-out from the app and then uninstall. This will remove all the data associated with the app on your device and may possibly eliminate the cause of the problem. This is because over time and extended use of apps, more data, and files related to the app get stored on your device. This can cause links to break and files to go missing, because of which Spotify stops playing.

Try reinstalling the app on your device again. Log in with your username and password and check if the problem persists.

8. Check for storage issues

If you are wondering why Spotify keeps stopping in between use, you need to understand that the app needs sufficient storage space on your device to run effortlessly. This space is used for saving music and track data to the cache. This process also uses up some amount of RAM on your device.

Thus, fixing the app from crashing may require you to run through your phone storage and clear up space. For this go to the ‘Settings’ section, search for the Storage option and scan the data. You could also insert an external SD card to increase the device storage capacity.


With thousands of songs, music and podcasts added daily on the platform, the app becomes heavy and crashes sometimes. To ensure its smooth functioning on your device, always keep the app updated and clear cache at regular intervals. This should keep the problem at bay. However, if the problem persists, try out the above tips, they’re simple to perform and will get rid of the Spotify keeps stopping problem. Try them in sequence to understand what could be the possible cause, and prevent it from repeating!


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